We live in a time of rapid change. Our economies are changing, our words are changing and our world as we know it is changing. How do we face the constant change? Are you excited by change or does change make you anxious and worried?

Listen to the Podcast or read the song lines. What is the story being told? What is the method being used? Is the song still relevant today? Why /why not? Have you noticed our language changing? How?  PODCAST

SONG: 1964 Blog



hr‘Emotion is very important to the educative process because it drives attention, which drives learning and memory’ [Sylwester, 1995]

Watch  David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralaga as they perform their spoken word message. Spoken word is a method of communication that has been around as early as 1900. It was a way for street performers and community activists to share their message. What are your thoughts on spoken word  as a means of communicating?  How do you get your message out there?

Emergence by Craig Walsh

Alternatives to the statues, monuments and plaques that grace our cities. Artist Craig Walsh conceived the work as a way to present alternative histories in public spaces.
If we projected an image of Burnie into a public space what would it be? Find an image and upload, write a brief text explaining your reason.

Idealism and imperfect institutions                                              Respect

Listen to the first 5 minutes of this discussion then post your response.

A discussion about disrespect and a possible unravelling of codes of etiquette in our community.

How else do we explain Howard Sattler’s questions to the Prime Minister: that he vaguely thought they could be appropriate?

Question: Is there a clear lack of respect based on gender that is creeping into our society? Is it acceptable?